Eugenics 2.0

Eugenics may sound like a nazi hobby, but a veil of science allows it to walk around in the sunshine. Today there is no need to be any party follower to believe in overpopulation. A mere belief, because it is always the perception of those who belief to be in control, in one way or the other.

“When a person has control over a group of people, for example a manager in a company, and the group of people is unmanageable for that particular person, the reasons may be a lack of leadership, a lack of abilities among employees or too many employees for that person to handle.”

A large misconception of eugenics is that it’s main goals are about the preference of certain physical characteristics. But a beautiful horse is no good, when you can’t ride it. Modern eugenics is actually mainly about manageable numbers and favorable psychological characteristics. Obedience is what is needed to be able to control, and autonomy the risky ingredient to allow control to be easy. In short, suggestibility.

This preference for suggestible people can be best seen in educational systems. Those that best adopt the established views of science can prosper. If you don’t, just like mortgages, you’re sub-prime. And in fact, it can be seen as a banking system. Knowledge is power just as money can give power. Accumulate as much knowledge as possible – of the type suggested – and reach your goals – most likely also suggested. The person that is most eager to conform to suggested norms is made to look favorite.

Apart from an educational system that is tainted with old and new ideologies linking to population control, the media is key in teaching us who’s favorite, what’s hip, what’s a trend, but more importantly, what’s not. Setting a norm for all types of people, suggesting what is right and what is wrong. In line with current themes, global warming and the war on terror, it’s become easy to encounter mindless suggestions. Questioning the validity of war is unpatriotic, point at the sun and you’re a climate denier. It is widening the division in societies all over the world. Those who demand truth and those who seem to comply.

In a sense, this is where we stand. Will we be divided by the myth of overpopulation, or will we look at reality together? Knowing reality isn’t likely to disappear anytime soon, I would like to put the spotlight on Holland for a moment. I know this whole subject is so much bigger, but since my country’s queen has given the go-ahead on pouring shame over my country, by the exposed Bilderberg Group attendance, I would like to give a quick view on Dutch eugenics, the sex segment.

When Rockefeller-backed Dr. Kinsey was being made the father of the sexual revolution with his publications on sexuality, Neo-Malthusians created the Dutch Society for Sexual Reform (NVSH). Their main job was running birth control clinics and introducing new contraceptives. Today, the organization has become obsolete, but is still active. Their current website gives a clear insight of the beliefs that easily go side by side with overpopulation; having “combating jealousy” as a main task makes for a nice summary imo.

In the present, our sexual and reproductive health is mainly trusted to the Rutgers Nisso Groep. Providing their knowledge to all kinds of programs, this NGO is an internal and external part of our government, while also having names like Pfizer among their customers. The group is also involved with our Foreign Ministry and planned parenthood organizations in spreading their knowledge in other countries.

I know full well, the good intentions that lead to and drive these efforts and cooperations. Those intentions and actions are not to be confused with the inhumane agendas they may serve. This is about the alternate science hiding behind real science, which has been taught to professionals in these fields around the world. The Kinsey publications and promotion surrounding them, and the creation of The Kinsey Institute speak volumes on how crime can be hidden in plain view. The Rutgers Nisso Groep is a 2.0 version of these older institutions, giving sexology an established scientific look. Still, the NGO is a pill pusher for various brands, cooperating with a music video channel, TMF, to produce explicit sex education video’s shown in certain cases to minors in class, sitting on a truckload of research material while informing our government there is a need for new research into the effects of nudes or porn on behavior, and is downplaying alarming recent research results on minors in prostitution. Which is all a dark way of looking at reality, still it is lighter than shutting eyes.

There are many publications that may be seen as part of an effort to make eugenics common in science communities. Just as there are many organizations that play some role in population control. Using terms like bio-diversity or behavior modification, that knowledge is still about understanding and influencing life, and can still be benevolent when used with common sense. To give one clear example of pure evil posing as science literature, again from The Netherlands, please read the opening statement of purpose taken from the first issue of Paidika – The Journal of Paedophilia.

[quote] “The ground on which we stand is the emergence and evolution of paedophile consciousness and identity in history.” Add to that the worldwide preference for the young in pornography, prostitution and human trafficking. Add to that the mainstream entertainment’s preference for nakedness, looking young, and showing sex is a product, love is for sale and running on drugs rules. The overall normalization of prostitution began some time ago, but this lust for the young going mainstream is what really started in a lot of our lifetimes and it can still be seen unfolding today.

Apart from hooking youngsters still earlier, the overall pornification is wreaking havoc in many relationships, causing many psychological problems that often require pills to solve, contributing heavily to erectile dysfunctions, which is no secret to anyone who’s qualified in solving that problem; or who’s qualified to fill your spam box, for that matter. The fact that frequent exposure to extremes flattens all sensitivities, was very well known to Dr. Kinsey before engaging in his works. Many of today’s ways of analyzing the mind don’t lie either.

Non-adults, as in people who are not yet rationally and emotionally adult, in general do not benefit from being taught by anyone on explicit sexual subjects. Beyond explaining basic safety there has never been any need to teach sex. Having a sound government is about healthy separation of what’s public and what’s private. Sex is a private matter, just as love is, and no government can have a right to teach it. The fact that there may be few objections expressed does not change that. We are naturally restrained in expressing opinion on love and sex, privacy surrounding these matters is a freedom nobody should have to fight for. In any family, in any community, there are always people willing to give opinion or advice, when asked.

Feeding sexual perversion to the public through all types of public means is the most cheap and effective diversion imaginable and has a profound impact on our society. A major frustration to many, eating away at many families, consuming time and attention, getting between loved ones. Very beneficial to those in control, who use the very same tool on the controllers. Perverse sexual habits are key in keeping puppets in line. When corrupt elements start exposing or are being exposed, it makes easy headlines for keeping attention away from matters of public concern and focusing mainly on sensational private matters. Just like a hard drug habit would pose an immediate threat to anyone in a position of integrity, extreme sexual habits, or a single occasion snapshot, are enough to keep people in positions from straying. All about dependence and addiction. Whether it’s a simple power trip, external fix or the internal fix produced naturally by the brain during sexual activity or in reaction to viewing it, it’s all chemical, we have limits and they are easily destroyed, yet take a lot more to regain.

The glory and freedom often attributed to promiscuity, bestiality or any other type of activity or content potentially harmful to the participants’ or viewers’ wellbeing, is actually the result of a malfunctioning reward system. A Malthusian Malfunction. Rethoric based on moments when limits where pushed to new levels. The vast periods before and since in search of a fix are rarely mentioned, but the superficial benefits that are suggest real benefits to those already seeking the thrill of breaking boundaries.

In a way, a big portion of us has been naive enough to adopt the best known trade of the aristocracy, and is recreating us in their image. Material above meaning and cold rational above common sense. A world in which the like-minded meet and reproduce, forming a natural selection with a natural preference for eagerness.

“Easy emotion entertainment, like major athletic events, is the stage to probe the boundary breaking agenda.”

Still, this doesn’t mean we are doomed, on the contrary. Calling our willingness to be led stupid, is a eugenicist’s main mantra. Our ability to place trust and have faith in the intentions of the other is what makes us human. Assuming good, we trust in government and watch tv. Recognizing this and understanding our suggestibility will make us see how we got divided. The normalization process of this divide is appearing to succeed, but this is only superficial. We are merely perceptually divided.

The fear of loosing unity, based on perceiving a divide, is the throbbing engine that is driving our very lives. Take the fear of not being conform being used by the beauty industry and throughout advertising. We are all experts at being tricked, it’s time to become experts on suggestion and start suggesting a different direction to those in positions to turn the wheel. They may say they know where to lead us, but have you been told where that is? Science can’t hide truth anymore when true science is used what it’s for, discerning truth from myth.

It is the basic assumption that we lost sight of that is the fundamental error of eugenics and derived social and physical sciences. Fixing something that is not broken may suggest benefits to some. But do you really belief we are broken? I’d say we are divided by nature. And overpopulation? Go live in the wild, it will cure.

Eugenics is only a form of backwards engineering. Studying another’s creation and it’s workings to abstract techniques or technologies in order to apply for other uses. The main direction being the improvement of humankind, based on misconception and misinterpretation. Formulating corrections for observed defects is a unilateral approach to creating problems.

We are fortunate to have a say in our own future. And anyone who’s not content with that is spoiled. This is generally called childish, which brings us to the point. The future some are planning for is a time when humankind will have outgrown the divisions able to lead us to tyranny. A time when the term childish can only mean, playful as a child. Which is in the present not the ability we lose growing up, it’s the part we lose sight of by misinterpretation of wants, needs, and the use of shame, jealousy and other family members of fear.

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