By John Galt

June 8, 2008

Seventy percent of the readers of this opinion piece will be dead, wounded, captured or conformists once events take their final devastating spiral in North American and the world.

We can call this period of time we are approaching “Peak Crisis” in honor of peak oil, peak food and peak stupidity in our political capitols.

Of the thirty percent of the survivors or independent peoples from what is known affectionately as the “survivalist” community (or prepper, or whatever you prefer) five percent will accept the premise of our future and simply disappear into the ether, becoming invisible to the grid or leaving for areas where interaction with the new societal order will be unnecessary. These will be the souls who live in what I like to call “happily ever after” but aware and prepared for the worst at a future date and time.

Another fiver percent can be called “runners” using the Native American approach to living off the land but interacting by attacking those who would interfere with their freedoms and attempts to impose the “new system” upon their lives and freedoms. This group will be trapped in a constant state of flight, settling only for days, weeks and if lucky months at a time. The nature of these souls to attempt to defend “their” way of life will cause conflict but using skills which many thought were long extinct, they will survive until old age or a military event extinguishes their lives.

When any civilization collapses, conflict is a direct consequence. The initial outcome might include major fighting with whatever onerous elitist political structure takes power yet the overwhelming power of these groups will change the dynamic initially. Unless the military picks the side of the people who will be labeled “freaks” or “terrorists” then the fighting will be short, sweet and decisive. Those that fail in this fight will die or live the life of the hunted, and the amazing fact still in denial for some in power is that the hunted could well be intermingled with the mainstream of the new society.

This brings us to the twenty percent which can only be defined as those who get along to get by. They may not cease in their activities but they will blend and appear to accept the concept of living within the grid. There will be underground societies springing up over night attempting to convert others to the ways of freedom, avoiding the authoritarian nature of the new order. There will also be active cells which will be hunted using all of the powers that most in North America have never experienced, with the notable exception of the period under Woodrow Wilson during World War I where freedoms were arbitrarily defined by zealous bureaucrats. This means that those who think they are fighting for freedom in the name of the “old ways” may indeed be supporters of the Orwellian 1984 approach to life, forcing the twenty percenters into moral conflict as they have to make the decisions of life and death without the moral code used throughout modern history. Their existence will be tentative at best, but better than a life of true submission to the imperial edicts which will be the lot of the day.

This leaves the seventy percent of you who are in deep, dire trouble but have not recognized it, do not care about it, or live in denial. I can only hope and pray that those in denial start drinking from the water and realizing the path we are on. Those who think you shall meet the barbarians at the gate and offer them tea and crumpets are not only fools, but dangerous to your family. Those that perish initially will be blessed because they will not have to survive the hell on earth about to occur. Those that run out of tuna and plastic sheeting two weeks into the brave new world will be forced through hunger or pestering by their families to do whatever it takes to become “conformists” or those that submit to the new way. The conformist community shall see no sympathy from those who wish to exist outside of the new order. It will be up to each individual to choose a path and walk it. Time is running out however, to select that path.

Yours truly, the author of this piece, has accepted his lot in life and thanks to a moral revelation several years ago, I have realized that when we take that death spiral into the period of time coming at us my lot will be determined quickly. I’m working at staying a ‘Fiver’ (5% group) but if I fail and end up deceased, so be it; I’ve worked to do all I can to change the future of others and fight for what I believe in. They key to dealing with that is to accept your fate and know that your moral compass allows you to accept it. I’ll leave the preaching to the more qualified in our group, but that’s the way it should be; if things happen as I fear they could, morality will become a lost art which our society will pine for.

When there are no rules, there is a belief that “there are no rules” which is a misnomer of history. The rules are simple and should be drilled into your heart, mind and soul as our society enters into that period of time where we can call the end of preps and the true end of time for the civilized portion of the societies in this part of the world.

  1. Hunger is submission
  2. Surrender is not an option
  3. Knowledge is the ultimate weapon
  4. Freedoms are defined by those in control of their own lives
  5. Tools can be used as weapons, weapons are tools
  6. Mobility means survival
  7. Proficiency provides for the long term, sufficiency may not
  8. Seek only those you trust; trust not everyone who seeks you
  9. Never negotiate with Romans
  10. False Messiahs will appear; believe in only the One.


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