The Facts about how The Texas Republicans cheated Ron Paul out at their Convention-Look out National Republican Convention because:


by Alan Stang
June 19, 2008


The Texas Republican Convention brags that it is the biggest political convention in the country. How it could be bigger than the national conventions, I don’t know, but that is what it brags, no surprise because it is Texas. Indeed, because Texas does everything bigger, even more of the corruption and criminality we have seen in other state conventions was the rule at the just concluded performance I attended in Houston.

In Nevada, for instance, when Las Vegas Republicans saw that Paul supporters outnumbered them, they shut down the convention to prevent a vote. By now you know that Republican bosses perpetrated similar electoral atrocities around the country. Because Texas is Texas, at the George R. Brown Convention Center they were worse.

Of course, all of these outrages are motivated by the Republican Party’s fear and loathing of Ron Paul. They used to send big shot Republicans like Newtie and Jorge W. Boosh to defeat him for re-election to Congress. They failed, of course, but recently they tried again. Dr. No won renomination to his House seat with 72% of the vote. The Democrats don’t waste time and money opposing him.

It is probably not an exaggeration to say that Republican bosses fear and hate Dr. No more than the American Communist Liars Union fears and hates Jesus Christ. If the only thing you knew about Ron Paul were what the Republican Party and ACLU says about him, you probably would expect to meet a combination of Hitler and Godzilla, not the mild, professorial, ladies’ doctor he actually is.

As the convention approached, reports of the usual violations of party rules flowed in. Certainly the worst was what happened in Nueces County. Vanessa Cahill is a Corpus Christi artist married to a physician. In politics everything starts in small, local groups called precincts. She was a precinct delegate to the county convention. Party rules say that you can be elected such a delegate if you are not present at the precinct caucus, but after the caucus ends, no one can be added.

Mrs. Cahill’s precinct was allowed twenty nine delegates to the county convention. The precinct caucus chose only thirteen, including a wife who was not well and did not attend. Why the caucus did not choose another sixteen to flesh out the twenty nine they were allowed, we don’t know, but they did not. In the parking lot after the caucus, RoeLear Machem, chairman of precinct 65 in Nueces County, told Mrs. Cahill that she would add the missing sixteen names later.

Mrs. Cahill was puzzled. This was her first convention. She is one corpuscle among the “new blood” the Texas Republican Party says it wants. Something seemed to be wrong, so she hit the rule book and found out what it was. What was happening was a violation of party rules and the Texas Election Code. So, she asked county chairman Michael Bertuzzi for a copy of the minutes, which are supposed to be public record. The minutes would show who was elected at precinct.

Bertuzzi refused to hand them over. In an email to Kay Fischer, he said he had asked State Republican chairman Tina Benkiser for instructions. In direct violation of RPT (Republican Party of Texas) Rule 22b, Frau Benkiser, a lawyer, advised county chairmen that convention minutes are not public record and that chairmen are not required to make them available.

Mrs. Cahill asked the 13th Court of Appeals for a writ of mandamus compelling Bertuzzi to release them. Frau Benkiser called this a “frivolous” action and asked the court for damages. Frau Benkiser said the Court of Appeals lacked jurisdiction, but the court ruled for Mrs. Cahill and ordered Bertuzzi to surrender the minutes.

The minutes revealed that the fraud was even worse than Mrs. Cahill had suspected. After the precinct caucus, Bertuzzi and others illegally added 151 delegates to the county convention. They did so because, without those illegal “delegates,” the Ron Paul delegates would have outnumbered them. The illegal Bertuzzi “delegates” reversed the outcome. It gets worse. Thirty six of those illegal “delegates” had not voted in the primary, which disqualified them. Another RPT rule says that if you don’t vote in the primary you cannot be a delegate, so those thirty six were doubly illegal.

READ more about The Criminals we have allowed in the Republican Camp:

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  1. […] jackhunter wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptOf course, all of these outrages are motivated by the Republican Party’s fear and loathing of Ron Paul. They used to send big shot Republicans like Newtie and Jorge W. Boosh to defeat him for re-election to Congress. … […]

  2. That seems to trump even the “Mormon Mafia” of the Utah GOP for corruption honors.

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