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The New Warfare

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Is The Vatican Easing Humanity Toward Alien Disclosure?

May 22nd, 2008 1:21 PM

Church astronomer latest to speak of “space brothers”

Thomas Horn

Vatican chief astronomer Father Jose Gabriel Funes in a long interview with the L’Osservatore Romano newspaper this week made news by saying there is a certain possibility of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe, and that such notion “doesn’t contradict our faith.”

“How can we rule out that life may have developed elsewhere? Just as we consider earthly creatures as ‘a brother,’ and ‘sister,’ why should we not talk about an ‘extraterrestrial brother’? It would still be part of creation,” he said.

The statements by Funes are the latest in a string of recent comments by Vatican astronomers confirming a belief that discovery may be made in the near future of alien life, including intelligent life, and that this discovery would not unhinge the doctrine of Christ.

In 2005, another Vatican astronomer, Guy Consolmagno tackled this subject in a 50-page booklet, Intelligent Life in the Universe, in which he concluded that chances are better than not that mankind is facing a future discovery of extraterrestrial intelligence.

Approximately 7 years ago Monsignor Corrado Balducci made similar news when he said ETs were actually already interacting with earth and that some of the Vatican’s leaders were aware of it.

Before his death in 1999, maverick Catholic theologian Father Malachi Martin hinted at such more than once. In 1997, while on Coast to Coast AM radio, Art Bell asked him why the Vatican was heavily invested in the study of deep space at Mt Graham Observatory in southeastern Arizona. As a retired professor of the Pontifical Biblical Institute, Father Martin was uniquely qualified to hold in secret, information pertaining to the Vatican’s Advanced Technology Telescope (VATT) project at the Mount Graham International Observatory (MGIO). Martin’s answer ignited a firestorm of interest among Christian and secular UFOlogists when he said, “Because the mentality… amongst those who [are] at the… highest levels of Vatican administration and geopolitics, know that, now, knowledge of what’s going on in space, and what’s approaching us, could be of great import in the next five years, ten years.”

Those cryptic words “…what’s approaching us, could be of great import in the next five years, ten years,” was followed in subsequent interviews with discussion of a mysterious “sign in the sky” that Malachi believed was approaching from the North. People familiar with Malachi believe he may have been referring to a near-future arrival of alien intelligence.

If ET life is something Vatican officials have privately considered for some time, why speak of it so openly now, in what some perceive as a careful doctrinal unveiling over the last 24 months? Is this a deliberate effort by church officials to “warm-up” the laity to ET Disclosure? Are official church publications on the subject an attempt to soften the blow before disclosure arrives, in order to help the faithful retain their orthodoxy in light of unprecedented forthcoming knowledge?

There might be a more mundane explanation for the Vatican’s recent interest in all things spacey.

Writing on Thursday, May 15th for Newsweek (The Vatican and Little Green Men), Sharon Begley noted that “[this] might be part of a push to demonstrate the Vatican’s embrace of science (in 1992 it apologized for that whole unfortunate Galileo mess, after all)… Interestingly, the Vatican has plans to host a conference in Rome next spring to mark the 150th anniversary of the Origin of Species, Charles Darwin’s seminal work on the theory of evolution. Conference organizers say it will look beyond entrenched ideological positions—including misconstrued creationism. The Vatican says it wants to reconsider the problem of evolution ‘with a broader perspective’ and says an ‘appropriate consideration is needed more than ever before.'”

The ‘appropriate consideration’ Begley mentions may have been alluded to by Guy Consolmagno two years ago in an interview with the Sunday Herald. That article pointed out how Consolmagno’s job included reconciling “the wildest reaches of science fiction with the flint-eyed dogma of the Holy See” and that his latest mental meander was about “the Jesus Seed” – “a brain-warping theory which speculates that, perhaps, every planet that harbours intelligent, self-aware life may also have had a Christ walk across its methane seas, just as Jesus… did here on Earth in Galilee. The salvation of the Betelguesians may have happened simultaneously with the salvation of the Earthlings,” the article said. This sounds a bit like holy panspermia to me — the idea that life on earth was “seeded” by something such as an asteroid impact — but in this case “the seed” was divinely appointed and reconciled to Jesus / God.

Do other religions agree with the Vatican on ET brethren?

Following L’Osservatore Romano’s interview with Jose Funes, Muslim and Jewish leaders joined to say their religion could accommodate an ET reality, while a scholar for the Russian Orthodoxy excluded the possibility of extraterrestrial intelligence.

The question of how the world’s political and religious communities would respond if suddenly faced with visitors from beyond is something world religions and even the US Government has studied. Paul Davies of The Atlantic Monthly wrote in 2003 that the discovery of even a single bacterium somewhere beyond Earth could force mankind to revise its understanding of who we are and where we fit into the cosmic scheme of things. Davies speculated that such a find could throw the human race into a spiritual identity crisis that could leave some gasping for faith in God.

In contrast, the Alexander UFO Religious Crisis Survey of ministers indicated that a majority of people–both religious and non-religious–not only believe in but could accept an ET reality without throwing God out with the bathwater.

Davies hopes this is true. As a cosmologist he sees order in the universe, including the anthropic balances that make life possible elsewhere. This has led to a deep personal interest in the subject of God and ET in which his response to either an ET discovery or visitation would be compatible to his religious ideas. He says the discovery of extraterrestrial life might actually substantiate biblical creation, not challenge it, if mankind is–as the Alexander UFO Religious Crisis Survey suggests–ready for it.

Professor Anthony Tambasco of Georgetown University not only believes the world–including its religious people–is ready for ET, but responding to NASA’s recent press releases about life potentially existing on Mars, he said that if the discovery of life is substantiated, “it will not unravel traditional biblical convictions, but rather provide an opportunity to enlarge or broaden them.”

In a related CCN article, Sayyid Syeed of the Islamic Society of North America said, “Most Muslims would also welcome the discovery of life off of Earth.” The Koran refers to Allah as the God of ‘worlds,’ he said, not just one world.

Rabbi James Ruden of the American Jewish Committee says most Jews also leave open the possibility of life on other planets in their interpretation of Genesis.

But What If ET Is Already Here, And He’s the Devil?

Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) are historically connected to the idea of extraterrestrial life. In some cases, behavior of these strange sightings have left witnesses feeling as if they had observed something alive, not mechanical. “I have become thoroughly convinced that UFOs are real,” popular Christian writer Hal Lindsey once wrote. “I believe these beings are not only extraterrestrial but supernatural in origin. To be blunt, I think they are demons.”

In Angels Dark and Light, Gary Kinnaman accepts UFO sightings as the manifestations of angels of darkness. “My main reason for thinking this is that UFO sightings have never, at least to my knowledge, led a person closer to God. In fact, most UFO experiences have just the opposite effect.”

Associate professor of psychology Elizabeth L. Hillstrom points out in her book Testing the Spirits that a growing number of scholars support similar conclusions of UFOnauts being synonymous with historical demons:

“From a Christian perspective, Vallee’s explanation of UFOs is the most striking because of its parallels with demonic activity. UFO investigators have noticed these similarities. Vallee himself, drawing from extrabiblical literature on demonic activities, establishes a number of parallels between UFOnauts and demons….Pierre Guerin, a UFO researcher and a scientist associated with the French National Council for Scientific Research, is not so cautious: ‘The modern UFOnauts and the demons of past days are probably identical.’ Veteran researcher John Keel, who wrote UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse and other books on the subject, comes to the same conclusion: ‘The UFO manifestations seem to be, by and large, merely minor variations of the age-old demonological phenomenon.”‘

Other theologians caution against connecting UFOs with demonology. They say if UFOs represent anything supernatural at all, the unidentified objects could be manifestations of good angels, while phenomenon such as so-called alien abduction is more in line with manifestations of demons. In other words, good “Watchers” observe earth from UFOs (using what one evangelical theologian recently referred to as “celestial conveyances”) while fallen Watchers such as those spoken of in the apocryphal Book of Enoch do evil.

Regardless of the position one takes on UFOs specifically, the possibility of open contact with intelligent extraterrestrial life has never been better according to those who study deep space for the Vatican.

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Eugenics 2.0

Eugenics may sound like a nazi hobby, but a veil of science allows it to walk around in the sunshine. Today there is no need to be any party follower to believe in overpopulation. A mere belief, because it is always the perception of those who belief to be in control, in one way or the other.

“When a person has control over a group of people, for example a manager in a company, and the group of people is unmanageable for that particular person, the reasons may be a lack of leadership, a lack of abilities among employees or too many employees for that person to handle.”

A large misconception of eugenics is that it’s main goals are about the preference of certain physical characteristics. But a beautiful horse is no good, when you can’t ride it. Modern eugenics is actually mainly about manageable numbers and favorable psychological characteristics. Obedience is what is needed to be able to control, and autonomy the risky ingredient to allow control to be easy. In short, suggestibility.

This preference for suggestible people can be best seen in educational systems. Those that best adopt the established views of science can prosper. If you don’t, just like mortgages, you’re sub-prime. And in fact, it can be seen as a banking system. Knowledge is power just as money can give power. Accumulate as much knowledge as possible – of the type suggested – and reach your goals – most likely also suggested. The person that is most eager to conform to suggested norms is made to look favorite.

Apart from an educational system that is tainted with old and new ideologies linking to population control, the media is key in teaching us who’s favorite, what’s hip, what’s a trend, but more importantly, what’s not. Setting a norm for all types of people, suggesting what is right and what is wrong. In line with current themes, global warming and the war on terror, it’s become easy to encounter mindless suggestions. Questioning the validity of war is unpatriotic, point at the sun and you’re a climate denier. It is widening the division in societies all over the world. Those who demand truth and those who seem to comply.

In a sense, this is where we stand. Will we be divided by the myth of overpopulation, or will we look at reality together? Knowing reality isn’t likely to disappear anytime soon, I would like to put the spotlight on Holland for a moment. I know this whole subject is so much bigger, but since my country’s queen has given the go-ahead on pouring shame over my country, by the exposed Bilderberg Group attendance, I would like to give a quick view on Dutch eugenics, the sex segment.

When Rockefeller-backed Dr. Kinsey was being made the father of the sexual revolution with his publications on sexuality, Neo-Malthusians created the Dutch Society for Sexual Reform (NVSH). Their main job was running birth control clinics and introducing new contraceptives. Today, the organization has become obsolete, but is still active. Their current website gives a clear insight of the beliefs that easily go side by side with overpopulation; having “combating jealousy” as a main task makes for a nice summary imo.

In the present, our sexual and reproductive health is mainly trusted to the Rutgers Nisso Groep. Providing their knowledge to all kinds of programs, this NGO is an internal and external part of our government, while also having names like Pfizer among their customers. The group is also involved with our Foreign Ministry and planned parenthood organizations in spreading their knowledge in other countries.

I know full well, the good intentions that lead to and drive these efforts and cooperations. Those intentions and actions are not to be confused with the inhumane agendas they may serve. This is about the alternate science hiding behind real science, which has been taught to professionals in these fields around the world. The Kinsey publications and promotion surrounding them, and the creation of The Kinsey Institute speak volumes on how crime can be hidden in plain view. The Rutgers Nisso Groep is a 2.0 version of these older institutions, giving sexology an established scientific look. Still, the NGO is a pill pusher for various brands, cooperating with a music video channel, TMF, to produce explicit sex education video’s shown in certain cases to minors in class, sitting on a truckload of research material while informing our government there is a need for new research into the effects of nudes or porn on behavior, and is downplaying alarming recent research results on minors in prostitution. Which is all a dark way of looking at reality, still it is lighter than shutting eyes.

There are many publications that may be seen as part of an effort to make eugenics common in science communities. Just as there are many organizations that play some role in population control. Using terms like bio-diversity or behavior modification, that knowledge is still about understanding and influencing life, and can still be benevolent when used with common sense. To give one clear example of pure evil posing as science literature, again from The Netherlands, please read the opening statement of purpose taken from the first issue of Paidika – The Journal of Paedophilia.

[quote] “The ground on which we stand is the emergence and evolution of paedophile consciousness and identity in history.” Add to that the worldwide preference for the young in pornography, prostitution and human trafficking. Add to that the mainstream entertainment’s preference for nakedness, looking young, and showing sex is a product, love is for sale and running on drugs rules. The overall normalization of prostitution began some time ago, but this lust for the young going mainstream is what really started in a lot of our lifetimes and it can still be seen unfolding today.

Apart from hooking youngsters still earlier, the overall pornification is wreaking havoc in many relationships, causing many psychological problems that often require pills to solve, contributing heavily to erectile dysfunctions, which is no secret to anyone who’s qualified in solving that problem; or who’s qualified to fill your spam box, for that matter. The fact that frequent exposure to extremes flattens all sensitivities, was very well known to Dr. Kinsey before engaging in his works. Many of today’s ways of analyzing the mind don’t lie either.

Non-adults, as in people who are not yet rationally and emotionally adult, in general do not benefit from being taught by anyone on explicit sexual subjects. Beyond explaining basic safety there has never been any need to teach sex. Having a sound government is about healthy separation of what’s public and what’s private. Sex is a private matter, just as love is, and no government can have a right to teach it. The fact that there may be few objections expressed does not change that. We are naturally restrained in expressing opinion on love and sex, privacy surrounding these matters is a freedom nobody should have to fight for. In any family, in any community, there are always people willing to give opinion or advice, when asked.

Feeding sexual perversion to the public through all types of public means is the most cheap and effective diversion imaginable and has a profound impact on our society. A major frustration to many, eating away at many families, consuming time and attention, getting between loved ones. Very beneficial to those in control, who use the very same tool on the controllers. Perverse sexual habits are key in keeping puppets in line. When corrupt elements start exposing or are being exposed, it makes easy headlines for keeping attention away from matters of public concern and focusing mainly on sensational private matters. Just like a hard drug habit would pose an immediate threat to anyone in a position of integrity, extreme sexual habits, or a single occasion snapshot, are enough to keep people in positions from straying. All about dependence and addiction. Whether it’s a simple power trip, external fix or the internal fix produced naturally by the brain during sexual activity or in reaction to viewing it, it’s all chemical, we have limits and they are easily destroyed, yet take a lot more to regain.

The glory and freedom often attributed to promiscuity, bestiality or any other type of activity or content potentially harmful to the participants’ or viewers’ wellbeing, is actually the result of a malfunctioning reward system. A Malthusian Malfunction. Rethoric based on moments when limits where pushed to new levels. The vast periods before and since in search of a fix are rarely mentioned, but the superficial benefits that are suggest real benefits to those already seeking the thrill of breaking boundaries.

In a way, a big portion of us has been naive enough to adopt the best known trade of the aristocracy, and is recreating us in their image. Material above meaning and cold rational above common sense. A world in which the like-minded meet and reproduce, forming a natural selection with a natural preference for eagerness.

“Easy emotion entertainment, like major athletic events, is the stage to probe the boundary breaking agenda.”

Still, this doesn’t mean we are doomed, on the contrary. Calling our willingness to be led stupid, is a eugenicist’s main mantra. Our ability to place trust and have faith in the intentions of the other is what makes us human. Assuming good, we trust in government and watch tv. Recognizing this and understanding our suggestibility will make us see how we got divided. The normalization process of this divide is appearing to succeed, but this is only superficial. We are merely perceptually divided.

The fear of loosing unity, based on perceiving a divide, is the throbbing engine that is driving our very lives. Take the fear of not being conform being used by the beauty industry and throughout advertising. We are all experts at being tricked, it’s time to become experts on suggestion and start suggesting a different direction to those in positions to turn the wheel. They may say they know where to lead us, but have you been told where that is? Science can’t hide truth anymore when true science is used what it’s for, discerning truth from myth.

It is the basic assumption that we lost sight of that is the fundamental error of eugenics and derived social and physical sciences. Fixing something that is not broken may suggest benefits to some. But do you really belief we are broken? I’d say we are divided by nature. And overpopulation? Go live in the wild, it will cure.

Eugenics is only a form of backwards engineering. Studying another’s creation and it’s workings to abstract techniques or technologies in order to apply for other uses. The main direction being the improvement of humankind, based on misconception and misinterpretation. Formulating corrections for observed defects is a unilateral approach to creating problems.

We are fortunate to have a say in our own future. And anyone who’s not content with that is spoiled. This is generally called childish, which brings us to the point. The future some are planning for is a time when humankind will have outgrown the divisions able to lead us to tyranny. A time when the term childish can only mean, playful as a child. Which is in the present not the ability we lose growing up, it’s the part we lose sight of by misinterpretation of wants, needs, and the use of shame, jealousy and other family members of fear.

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Rev. Jeremiah Wright is Right about how U.S. Government Uses Blacks for Medical Experiments, Including AIDS

by Mike Adams (see all articles by this author) (NaturalNews)

Regarding the current controversy about Rev. Wright and U.S. Presidential candidate Barack Obama, Rev. Wright is actually quite correct about the U.S. government’s exploitation of black Americans for medical experiments (and worse). What Rev. Wright is saying about the way the U.S. government has treated blacks in the last 200 years is remarkably accurate to anyone who has bothered to actually study American history. For starters, I recommend you read A People’s History of the United States by Howard Zinn, which will give you quite a horrifying account of how the FBI sought to assassinate black leaders, how law enforcement authorities looked the other way when crimes were committed against blacks, and many other difficult-to-believe (but true) facts about the history of America. But that’s just the beginning. The real horrors become even more clear when you look at the history of blacks being used for medical experiments in the United States. The Tuskeegee experiments only scratch the surface. In reality, the history of conventional medicine in the U.S. is filled with true accounts of black women, black prisoners and black babies being openly used in extreme medical experiments where they were injected with deadly substances, denied medical treatment to see what might happen as the disease progressed, and even used in government-sanctioned experiments like the EPA’s recent experiments on toxic chemicals in low-income children, which happened just a few years ago in New York. Skeptical that any of this really happened? Maybe you just haven’t learned any of this yet. To help you out, I’ve published a list of just a few of the medical experiments conducted on blacks, minorities and prisoners in the United States. You can read the list yourself here:

Part two is here:

One account included in that list reads as follows:

1963: Chester M. Southam, who injected Ohio State Prison inmates with live cancer cells in 1952, performs the same procedure on 22 senile, African-American female patients at the Brooklyn Jewish Chronic Disease Hospital in order to watch their immunological response. Southam tells the patients that they are receiving “some cells,” but leaves out the fact that they are cancer cells. He claims he doesn’t obtain informed consent from the patients because he does not want to frighten them by telling them what he is doing, but he nevertheless temporarily loses his medical license because of it. Later, Dr. Southam becomes president of the American Cancer Society.

As you can see, not only are these human medical experimentation doctors NOT convicted of their crimes against blacks and minorities, they are promoted to top positions in the medical establishment!

It gets worse: The genocide continues even today

And yet, despite all the horrifying history of medical experimentation on blacks and minorities in the United States — much of it sponsored by the U.S. government — the situation is even worse today because conventional medicine is engaged in a deliberate effort to deny black people access to the truth about sunlight, vitamin D, cancer and skin color. As NaturalNews readers well know, the reason breast cancer and prostate cancer rates are so much higher in black women and men is because dark skin pigmentation blocks the healing UV rays that create vitamin D in the skin, thereby leaving black men and women chronically deficient in vitamin D. That deficiency, in turn, greatly boosts their rates of cancer — by nearly 500%! (The cancer industry loves this, by the way. It means lots of repeat business for cancer drugs and mammogram’s in the future.) But instead of educating black men and women about this simple connection, the modern cancer industry (and medical establishment) refuses to tell black people the truth, thereby enslaving them in a system of high-profit medical treatments, all while pretending they have no idea why breast cancer is so much more aggressive in black women. Read my article, Vitamin D Recommendation Missing From Breast Cancer Task Force Report on Black Women at Today, I’ve posted a scathing audio podcast on this topic, accusing the modern medical establishment of being engaged in crimes against blacks through its unwillingness to tell people the truth about why dark-skinned individuals need far more sunlight than white-skinned individuals. This audio podcast dares to tell the truth about the racist policies of modern medicine, and why Big Pharma wants to turn the bodies of black men and women into profit centers. You can listen to it right now at: Of course, this profit exploitation motive isn’t limited to blacks. Whites, Asians and everybody else are also targeted for medical profits, but blacks are disproportionately impacted by the lack of truthful information about cancer and vitamin D due to their unique skin pigmentation. In other words, the intentional censorship of factual information about sunlight, vitamin D and cancer results in far more harm to black people than anyone else!

Obama sticks his head in the sand

Barack Obama, for his part, is now pretending the U.S. government never conducted medical experiments on blacks, or that it’s “un-American” to even talk of such things. These are the typical lies you’ll hear from any politician running for office, especially when that office is in a country where 99% of the people have been kept in the dark about these matters. In reality, I say it’s un-American to treat black people in the way they’ve been treated throughout American history. I say that all of us — white, black, Hispanic, Asian, Hispanic, etc. — have the right to be treated with dignity, with respect, and with our basic human rights intact. No person, no matter what their skin color, should be used for medical experiments, and when those experiments have taken place, it is the duty of honest citizens and the few remaining honest journalists to publicize those events in order to help ensure they never happen again. Obama was quoted in the press yesterday as saying about Dr. Wright, “But when he states and then amplifies such ridiculous propositions as the U.S. government somehow being involved in AIDS. … There are no excuses. They offended me. They rightly offend all Americans and they should be denounced.” In other words, Obama is saying that anyone speaking out about the U.S. government’s exploitation of blacks and its involvement in the AIDS virus should be denounced. Note carefully that he did not say the U.S. government’s medical experiments on blacks should be denounced! Rather, the people warning others about such activities should be denounced! Or, put another way, Obama wants people to just shut up and pretend the U.S. government never committed these evils against blacks. He doesn’t want the truth to come out. He’s running for President, after all, and it’s better to just whitewash important issues than to have to deal with them honestly and openly.

It is never the wrong time to tell the truth

Some say that merely bringing up these topics is divisive and destructive to the country. To that naive criticism, I say this: As a human being, it is my responsibility to do everything in my power to stand up for those less fortunate. From the black babies injected with contagious diseases who couldn’t fend for themselves, to the foster care children who were “recruited” for the EPA’s experiments on chemical toxicity, these babies and children need people like you and me to come to their defense.

They are defenseless: The poor, the young, the children without parents… these unfortunate ones are being swept up into Big Pharma’s deadly medical experiments and the U.S. government’s dangerous experiments for military and industrial purposes. Who will defend them if not us? And how will we ever make sure we don’t repeat these true horrors of American history if we’re not even willing to admit they happened in the first place?

Rev. Wright is telling people the truth about how the government has treated blacks, and it makes Obama nervous. Obama is living in a state of denial, which is actually great practice for becoming U.S. President. Those skills will come in quite handy during future press conferences. What better way to become the first black President of the United States than to deny the history of how the U.S. treated blacks in the first place?

For the record, I don’t know for sure whether the government introduced AIDS into the population, but I’ve read a lot of books on epidemics and the AIDS virus in particular (including books by Len Horowitz, who I highly recommend as an author), and I can state with certainty that I highly suspect AIDS was, in fact, engineered by the U.S. government and intentionally introduced into the population as either a weapon of genocide or a population control measure. It all sounds quite sinister, but once you learn about what the CDC, FDA, EPA and USDA have already done to harm and kill so many people in the last few decades, it’s not a stretch of any kind to consider the possibility that the government may have also been involved in the creation and release of the AIDS virus.

My main point, however, is that regardless of what you think about AIDS and the government, at the very least we should all be able to openly discuss these ideas and debate them without being instantly denounced for merely bringing up the subject.

Remember, those who are the quickest to denounce so-called “conspiracy theories” are those who are least capable of standing up to honest debate. It’s the same for many issues: Vaccinations, fluoridation, 9/11 terror attacks, the AIDS virus, the war on Iraq and many more. Candidates like Obama don’t want the American people to actually think for themselves or question the status quo, because the minute people start questioning the status quo, the whole fragile U.S. economy and Big Brother power centers would start to crumble. The continuity of the U.S. empire depends, in large part, on the continued ignorance of the American public about what’s really true.

Recommended reading: Emerging Viruses: AIDS And Ebola : Nature, Accident or Intentional? by Leonard Horowitz

By the way, if you’re a member of a black church and you’re interested in learning more on this topic, I’d be thrilled to visit your church and present some of this information about cancer, sunlight, skin pigmentation and the conspiracy to deny black men and women access to the information they need to prevent cancer and save their own lives. Just contact me through the NaturalNews offices, and if I’m in your part of the country in the future, I’d be happy to stop by and talk to your church congregation about what’s really going on with the cancer industry and its blatant exploitation of black men and women in this country. It’s not a happy topic, I realize, but it’s one that needs to be told. And I’m not afraid to tell it like it is.

Because here’s the truth in all this: I have information right now that could prevent 90% of all cancer in black men and women. And I’d be thrilled to share that information with people. I personally find the black community to be very open to this information, probably because they are rightly skeptical about the way the medical establishment has treated them for so many decades. They know they’re being lied to, used and exploited by wealthy corporations and corrupt government officials. They know it! They just don’t know where to turn for real answers to this cancer problem.

Mother Nature has the answers, folks, and it’s time we told the truth about cancer so that we can end the pain and disease in the black community that has caused so much suffering (and generated so much money for Big Pharma and the cancer industry). It’s time to stop the genocide and start the healing. If we’re going to move forward, together, as a nation of people who truly have equal rights and equal opportunities, then we’ve got to stop the cancers, stop the censorship and start the healing. It’s the only way to move forward.

For more on Human Experiments done by the US government see here:

Part II:

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